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Welcome to Grass Lake Photography!

My name is Amanda Josephson, and I have been professionally photographing weddings, events, and portraits for 15+ years. However, my love for photography goes back even farther than that. As a child, I enjoyed grabbing my dad’s film camera (a Canon AE-1 SLR), and posing my brother, sister, and friends in front of backdrops that I created using blankets from my bed. There was nothing better than hearing the click of the camera and then experiencing the subsequent gratification of seeing my images on paper.

I studied photography at Minnesota State University Moorhead, where I earned my bachelor's degree. It is a great joy for me to capture moments in people's lives so memories can live on forever! When I am not at photo shoots, I enjoy spending time with my two children, who are an inspiration to me. As one might expect, they often find themselves on the other side of my lens, and are very patient as I take plenty of pictures of them!

I chose the name Grass Lake Photography because of a small lake on my grandparent's former farm land. The lake is not well known or substantial, but it is a peaceful place that evokes positive memories. It is my hope that my photographs will do the same for you.

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